About Us

Slow fashion, acrylic upcycling. 

Hi, I am Marcela Lobo. Designer and creative of Laia.

The Estúdio Laia was born in 2016 in Recife, Brazil, during a long strike at University and with some lasercut experience. With the desire "not to stand still at home", I started creating shapes and cutting it with Fab Lab acrylic leftovers. The accessories started becoming popular, and I started feeling myself deeply connected with the slow and manual process behind them. LAIA comes from portuguese and means "Group, tribe - people with same opinions". 

From the beginning, we launched more than 10 collections and We have partnered with local artists and brands from Brazil.  Since November 2019 We moved to Denmark, Copenhagen and we are very excited to change some experiences around here, spreading some of our brazilian vibe!

For us every single steps since creation until packing are unique and have lots os affection involved. 

I hope you enjoy it!

Marcela Lobo

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